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White House Easter Egg Roll: History & Tradition

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The White House Easter Egg Roll

The annual Easter event hosted at the White House is none other than the illustrious White House Easter Egg Roll.

This cherished tradition dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes officially opened the White House grounds to local children for egg rolling on Easter Monday. Over the years, it has evolved into a grand event featuring a variety of activities, including the egg roll itself, live entertainment, storytelling, and the iconic egg hunt.

Historical Significance

The White House Easter Egg Roll holds a significant place in American history, making it more than just a fun-filled affair. It has been attended by thousands of children and families each year, with an emphasis on promoting healthy and active living. Moreover, it is a symbol of the White House’s commitment to bringing the community together for a day of joy and celebration, irrespective of background or origin.

Egg Roll Traditions

The event typically kicks off with a festive

opening ceremony, often led by the First Family, followed by the eagerly anticipated egg roll on the South Lawn. Wooden spoons or egg-shaped wooden sticks are used to push the decorated hard-boiled eggs across the grass, much to the delight of the young participants.

Entertainment, including musical performances, storytelling, and athletic activities, adds to the jovial atmosphere, creating unforgettable memories for all attendees. Character appearances, such as the Easter Bunny, further enhance the enchanting ambiance of the occasion.

Evolution of the Event

Throughout its history, the White House Easter Egg Roll has adapted to reflect changing times and values. This evolution has seen an increased focus on conservation, healthy living, and inclusion, with the event incorporating elements that promote physical activity and overall well-being among children and families.

In recent years, the Egg Roll has embraced technology, with initiatives such as the

Eggtivity Zone, encouraging kids to explore and engage in interactive experiences designed to promote health and wellness in a digital age.


White House Easter Parade

The White House Easter Parade is a popular misconception when it comes to the annual Easter event hosted at the White House. However, it is not the correct name for the event.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a separate event from the Easter Parade. While the parade occurs near the White House, it is not hosted by the White House itself.

Presidential Easter Hunt

The idea of a Presidential Easter Hunt may sound prestigious, but it’s not the name of the famous annual Easter event at the White House.

The White House Easter Egg Roll includes various activities, such as the traditional egg roll race, storytime, egg decorating, and live entertainment. A simple Easter egg hunt wouldn’t capture the full scope of the event.

Easter at the White House

While it’s a reasonable guess, ‘Easter at the White House’ is not the official name of the annual event.

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a more specific and accurate name for the event, capturing the essence of the egg-rolling race that has been a staple of the tradition since the 19th century.


In conclusion, the annual Easter event hosted at the White House is known as the White House Easter Egg Roll. Whether it’s the annual Easter Egg Roll or other events, the White House continues to be a center for national celebrations and traditions.

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