The History of U.S. Route 93 Crossing Hoover Dam

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Welcome, trivia enthusiasts, to another deep dive into the history and stories behind popular quiz questions! Today, we’re looking at the remarkable feat of engineering that is the Hoover Dam, where highways and history intersect.

So join us as we uncover the secrets, controversies, and little-known facts revolving around another popular question as we navigate through the annals of history to shed light on the saga of the Hoover Dam and its concrete connection to U.S. Route 93.

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The Fascinating History of U.S. Route 93 and Hoover Dam

The highway that originally crossed atop Hoover Dam was U.S. Route 93. This iconic route is part of the United States Numbered Highway System, which was established in 1926 and is still in use today. U.S. Route 93 stretches from the Canadian border in Montana all the way down to the Mexican border in Arizona. It is one of the most crucial north-south highways, connecting many key cities and destinations in the western United States.

At the time the Hoover Dam was constructed, U.S. Route 93 was a major thoroughfare for travelers, facilitating transportation and trade between the western U.S. states. The construction of the dam, which began in 1931, required careful planning to accommodate the existing highway without disrupting its vital role in the region’s transportation infrastructure.

The Impact of Hoover Dam on U.S. Route 93

The completion of the Hoover Dam not only provided flood control and electricity for the region but also brought about significant changes to U.S. Route 93. The construction of the dam resulted in the creation of the Black Canyon, and as a result, the highway had to be re-routed to accommodate the new topography. The new alignment of U.S. Route 93 included a high-level bridge, bypassing the dam itself, and effectively rerouting the highway away from its original path atop the dam.

The rerouting of U.S. Route 93 due to the Hoover Dam’s construction led to improved traffic flow and safety for travelers. This change also allowed for efficient maintenance and management of the dam and led to the preservation of the historic structure without the constant disruption caused by vehicular traffic.

U.S. Route 93 Today

Today, U.S. Route 93 continues to be a vital artery for transportation, connecting the urban areas of Las Vegas and Phoenix, as well as passing through smaller communities and scenic landscapes in the western United States. The route has undergone several improvements and expansions over the years, adapting to the changing needs of travelers and the region’s growing population.

Misconceptions about Highway atop Hoover Dam

Route 66

Contrary to popular belief, Route 66 did not originally cross atop Hoover Dam. While Route 66 is an iconic and historic highway that holds a special place in American culture, it did not pass over the dam. Route 66, also known as the ‘Main Street of America,’ stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles, and its path never took it over the Hoover Dam. Instead, U.S. Route 93 was the highway that was originally constructed to cross the dam.

Interstate 15

Some may mistakenly believe that Interstate 15 ran atop Hoover Dam, given its significance as a major interstate highway in the western United States. However, this is not the case. Interstate 15, while an important route linking California and Nevada, was not the highway originally constructed over Hoover Dam. The correct answer is U.S. Route 93, which was the designated highway that crossed the dam when it was first built.

Highway 50

Despite its reputation as ‘The Loneliest Road in America,’ Highway 50 was not the highway that originally crossed atop Hoover Dam. While Highway 50 spans the country from the West Coast to the East Coast, it did not have a presence on the dam. U.S. Route 93, on the other hand, was the highway that was initially built across the dam, connecting Arizona and Nevada. So, despite the mystique surrounding Highway 50, it is not the correct answer to the question about the original highway on Hoover Dam.


In conclusion, the original highway that crossed atop Hoover Dam was U.S. Route 93, a historical feat that spoke to the engineering marvel of its time. We hope you enjoyed exploring the history of Hoover Dam and its highway. There’s always more to discover, so keep seeking out those interesting tidbits of trivia!

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