Exploring Ubehebe Crater: A Volcanic Wonder in Death Valley National Park

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Welcome back, trivia enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the fascinating world of Death Valley National Park. Specifically, we’ll be exploring the intriguing stories, backgrounds, and histories behind some of the most intriguing questions that the park has to offer. Our focus will be on shedding light on the unknown facets of this remarkable destination, along with dispelling any prevalent misconceptions. So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as we unravel the mysteries of The Death Valley National Park Trivia Quiz.

The Magnificent Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe Crater is an awe-inspiring testament to the powerful forces of nature. Located in the Death Valley National Park, this colossal crater was formed by a volcanic explosion.

The name ‘Ubehebe’ is derived from the Native American Timbisha Shoshone language, and loosely translates to ‘Big Basket in the Rock.’ This name is a fitting description of the crater’s immense size and its captivating appearance.

Formation and Characteristics

The Ubehebe Crater was formed thousands of years ago when rising magma met groundwater, leading to a series of steam explosions. The result is a striking crater that spans about half a mile in width and reaches depths of up to 600 feet.

Visitors to the crater are often struck by its otherworldly beauty, with its rugged slopes and vibrant hues of rust and ochre. The surrounding landscape, dotted with smaller craters and volcanic features, adds to the area’s dramatic allure.

Geological Significance

Geologists consider Ubehebe Crater to be a prime example of a maar volcano, a type of volcanic crater that forms through phreatic eruptions involving the interaction of magma and groundwater. Studying the crater offers valuable insights into the geological activity that has shaped Death Valley and the surrounding region over millennia.

In addition to its scientific importance, Ubehebe Crater holds cultural significance, serving as a revered site for the Timbisha Shoshone people and other indigenous groups who have inhabited the area for generations.

Misconceptions about the Name of the Large Crater in Death Valley National Park

Furnace Creek Crater

Contrary to popular belief, the large crater formed by volcanic explosion in Death Valley National Park is not called Furnace Creek Crater. While Furnace Creek is a significant area within the park known for its unique geological formations and extreme temperatures, the Ubehebe Crater stands as a separate geological landmark. Ubehebe Crater is the result of a volcanic explosion, possessing a distinct history and appearance, and is a separate site from the Furnace Creek area.

Little Hebe Crater

Many may mistakenly refer to the large crater in Death Valley National Park as Little Hebe Crater, but this is inaccurate. The actual name of the crater is Ubehebe Crater, and it holds significance due to its size and the volcanic processes that led to its formation, rather than being a smaller version of a different geological feature. The unique geological context surrounding the formation of Ubehebe Crater separates it from any other crater within Death Valley National Park, including any hypothetical ‘Little Hebe Crater’.

Dante’s Crater

Despite common misconceptions, the large crater formed by a volcanic explosion in Death Valley National Park is not known as Dante’s Crater. This misconception might stem from the association of Dante’s View, a breathtaking overlook in the park, with the nearby Ubehebe Crater. However, the actual name of the massive crater is Ubehebe Crater, distinct from any reference to the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri or his literary works. Ubehebe Crater is the result of unique volcanic activity, making it a distinctive feature within Death Valley National Park, separate from the iconic Dante’s View.


In conclusion, the large crater formed by a volcanic explosion in Death Valley National Park is known as Ubehebe Crater.

The unique geological formations in Death Valley National Park never cease to amaze, and Ubehebe Crater is just one of the many wonders waiting to be explored. Its origins and the surrounding landscape make it a must-see for any visitor to the region.

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Professor Leonard Whitman