Thiago Silva: PSG’s Steadfast Captain in the 2010s

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In football trivia, there are players who become synonymous with the identity of a club. For Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the 2010s, one may wonder, “Who was PSG’s 2010s long-serving captain?” Answering this question takes us through the heart of PSG’s defense and leadership.

The Answer: Thiago Silva

The correct response to this enticing trivia is “Thiago Silva.” The Brazilian defender, famously composed, a leader, and superb defensively, served as PSG’s captain for much of the 2010s.

Thiago Silva marshaled the team’s defense authoritatively in his role as captain and served as an exemplary figure on the field. In stressful situations, he remained cool and calm, ensuring PSG was never an easy conquest both domestically and internationally.

In Ligue 1, during his captaincy period, PSG had successful stints where it won several national league titles, thereby dominating French football. His skills at the back were instrumental in securing victories for PSG.

Let us now consider some popular wrong answers that might confuse football fanatics but do not match up with Thiago Silva’s position as PSG’s long-serving captain in the 2010s.

Wrong Answer 1: David Luiz

David Luiz also played for Paris Saint-Germain at some point, but he did not remain the skipper for long during that decade. Though he could defend at times, it was Thiago Silva who primarily wore the armband during this time.

Wrong Answer 2: Marquinhos

Marquinhos from Brazil is a talented defender who has done well for PSG. Nevertheless, it was after Thiago Silva left that he became their captain. Throughout the last decade, it was always Thiago Silva who held that honor.

Wrong Answer 3: Dani Alves

PSG did have Dani Alves as their right-back occasionally, but the fact is that he was not their long-serving captain in the 2010s. The team enjoyed his experience and leadership. However, during that period, it was Thiago Silva who served as the captain.

In the context of PSG’s history and their 2010s journey, Thiago Silva’s captaincy stands as a defining chapter. His leadership on and off the PSG pitch made him a revered figure among PSG fans and a key contributor to the club’s success.

Thus, you can confidently answer this trivia question by stating that the man who served as PSG’s leader throughout the highs and lows of the 2010s was none other than Thiago Silva.

Professor Leonard Whitman