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The Wright Company Establishment in 1909

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The Wright Brothers and the founding of the Wright Company in 1909

In 1909, the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, founded the Wright Company, marking a significant milestone in their pioneering aviation journey.

After successfully achieving the first powered, sustained, and controlled airplane flights in 1903, the Wright Brothers continued to refine their designs and push the boundaries of aviation technology.

The Wright Company Establishment:

The establishment of the Wright Company in 1909 was a strategic move by the Wright Brothers to commercialize their aviation inventions and expand their business ventures.

The company was founded in New York City and aimed to manufacture aircraft and license their patents to other manufacturers around the world.

This step not only secured the Wright Brothers’ legacy as aviation pioneers but also paved the way for further advancements in aviation technology.

Legacy and Impact:

The founding of the Wright Company in 1909 fundamentally changed the landscape of aviation history, as it marked the transition of aviation from a mere concept to a viable industry.

By establishing a company dedicated to aviation, the Wright Brothers laid the foundation for the development of the modern aerospace industry, influencing generations of innovators and engineers.

Misconceptions about the Wright Company’s Founding Year


One popular misconception is that the Wright Brothers founded the Wright Company in 1905. However, this is not accurate. The Wright Company was actually founded in 1909, four years after the famous flight at Kitty Hawk.


Another common incorrect answer is 1912. Contrary to this belief, the Wright Brothers established the Wright Company in 1909. By 1912, the company had already been in operation for several years, playing a significant role in the development of aviation.


Lastly, some may mistakenly think that the Wright Company was founded in 1903, the year of the Wright Brothers’ groundbreaking first powered flight. In reality, the company came into existence in 1909, marking a crucial step in the Wright Brothers’ aviation legacy that followed their historic achievements in 1903.


In 1909, the Wright Brothers founded the Wright Company, marking a significant milestone in aviation history. Their pioneering spirit and innovative contributions continue to inspire generations of inventors and aviators.

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