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Super Bowl LIV (2020) – History, Background, and Context

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Welcome, sports enthusiasts and trivia buffs! Today, we will tackle a burning question that has left many a Super Bowl Trivia Quiz takers scratching their heads: What number was the Super Bowl in 2020?

So join us as we dive deep into the annals of Super Bowl history. There’s more to this one than first meets the eye!

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The Super Bowl in 2020: LIV

The Super Bowl in 2020 was officially known as Super Bowl LIV. The Roman numeral for 54 is ‘L’ for 50, ‘V’ for 5, and ‘IV’ for 4.

The tradition of using Roman numerals to designate the Super Bowl started with Super Bowl V in 1971. The purpose behind this convention was to avoid any confusion caused by the calendar year in which the game is played. This way, fans can easily distinguish between different Super Bowls and their corresponding years.

The significance of ‘LIV’

‘LIV’ is not just a representation of the ordinal number 54, but it also carries historical and cultural significance. The use of Roman numerals adds a certain grandeur and timelessness to the event, harkening back to the ancient Roman Empire.

This tradition of using Roman numerals was first introduced in 1966 for Super Bowl I (though not yet officially recognized as such), and the NFL continued the practice until Super Bowl 50 in 2016 before returning to traditional numbers for the following games.

The decision to use Roman numerals was also influenced by the fact that the championship game is played in a different calendar year from the regular season. This timeless naming convention underscores the extraordinary legacy of this annual event, emphasizing the enduring nature of football as an institution in American culture.

Misconceptions About the Super Bowl Number in 2020


Some may believe that the Super Bowl in 2020 was referred to as Super Bowl LV, given the Roman numeral for 55. However, this is not the case.

In the NFL’s numbering system, the Roman numeral for 55 is indeed ‘LV,’ but the official title for the 2020 Super Bowl was ‘LIV.’ The Roman numeral system is used to maintain a sense of tradition and grandeur associated with the championship game, but there may be confusion due to the different Roman numeral representations.


Some may mistakenly think the Super Bowl in 2020 was the 53rd edition and was denoted by ‘LIII’ in Roman numerals. However, this is not accurate.

The 53rd Super Bowl, denoted by ‘LIII’, actually took place in 2019. It’s easy for the sequence of Super Bowls to become muddled over time, especially since the game itself plays such a significant role in American culture and is often associated with individual memories and events.


There might be a misconception that the Super Bowl in 2020 was the 52nd edition, represented by ‘LII’ in Roman numerals. However, this is not accurate either.

Super Bowl LII, represented by ‘LII’, actually took place in 2018. The time lag and the non-sequential nature of the Roman numerals can lead to confusion, especially for those not immersed in the annual tradition of the Super Bowl.


In conclusion, the Super Bowl in 2020 was marked as LIV, representing the 54th edition of this iconic event in American football history.

As we wrap up this deep dive into Super Bowl trivia, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning some interesting tidbits about the event that has become a staple of American sports culture. If you’re feeling pumped to test your newfound knowledge, head over to our Super Bowl Trivia Quiz and see how well you fare against the toughest of questions! Good luck!

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