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The Red Sea: Separating Saudi Arabia from Africa

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Welcome, trivia enthusiasts! Today, we’re exploring another popular question from our Asia Trivia Quiz that has proven a real test of knowledge for many of our quiz takers. In particular, we’ll be tackling a popular question about the body of water separating Saudi Arabia from Africa.

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The Red Sea: Separating Saudi Arabia from Africa

The body of water that separates Saudi Arabia from Africa is none other than the majestic Red Sea. Stretching over 1,200 miles in length, the Red Sea is one of the most crucial waterways in the world, connecting the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Named for the seasonal blooms of red-colored algae, the Red Sea is bordered by several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti. Its strategic significance has been recognized for millennia, and it has long been an essential trade route, linking Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Geological Origins

The Red Sea is a young ocean, formed by the movement of tectonic plates. It sits along the Great Rift Valley, which is a divergent boundary between the African Plate and the Arabian Plate.

As the plates move apart, the Earth’s crust weakens and allows hot mantle rock to rise, leading to the creation of a new oceanic crust. This geological activity has caused the Red Sea to widen at an average rate of about 0.6 inches per year, making it a geological wonder in its own right.

Marine Life

The Red Sea boasts an incredible diversity of marine life, with over 1,200 species of fish and 10% of the world’s fish species found in its waters. Its vibrant coral reefs are renowned for their beauty and are a hotspot for diving enthusiasts from around the globe.


The Gulf of Aden

While the Gulf of Aden is indeed an important body of water, it does not separate Saudi Arabia from Africa. The Gulf of Aden is situated between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula and Somalia in Africa. It connects the Arabian Sea to the Red Sea through the Bab el Mandeb strait. The confusion may arise from the proximity of the Gulf of Aden to the Arabian Peninsula, but it is essential to recognize that it does not serve as the separating body of water in this particular scenario.

The Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf, located to the northeast of Saudi Arabia, does not act as the body of water that separates it from Africa. Instead, the Persian Gulf is bordered by Iran to the northeast and the Arabian Peninsula to the southwest. It is crucial to distinguish between the Persian Gulf and the body of water that forms the boundary between Saudi Arabia and Africa.

The Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is another body of water that does not serve as the separating point between Saudi Arabia and Africa. It is located to the south of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by the Horn of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. While the Arabian Sea holds significant geographical and economic importance, it does not play a role in separating Saudi Arabia from Africa.


In conclusion, the body of water that separates Saudi Arabia from Africa is the Red Sea.

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