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Rangers Football Club Team Colors: Royal Blue, White, and Red

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The Team Colors of Rangers Football Club

The team colors of Rangers Football Club are royal blue, white, and red, making for a striking combination that has been associated with the club for many decades. This iconic color scheme is instantly recognizable to fans and rivals alike.

Royal Blue: A Color Steeped in Tradition

Royal blue has been the predominant color in Rangers’ iconic jersey for over a century. The choice of royal blue is deeply rooted in the club’s history and tradition, symbolizing loyalty, strength, and determination on the field.

The distinctive shade of blue has become synonymous with the club’s identity and is proudly worn by players and supporters alike. It has been a constant feature in the club’s home kits, forming an integral part of their visual identity on the pitch.

White and Red Accents: Symbolism and Evolution

Complementing the royal blue, white and red are often featured as accents in Rangers’ kits. The addition of white and red serves not only to enhance the visual appeal but also carries symbolic significance.

White signifies purity and honesty, reflecting the club’s commitment to fair play and sportsmanship. It also adds a sense of contrast to the kit, creating a visually stunning ensemble on the pitch.

Meanwhile, the red accents in the kit symbolize passion, energy, and the fighting spirit of the players. This bold addition contributes to the vibrant and dynamic appearance of Rangers’ attire, capturing the essence of their competitive spirit.

Evolution of the Color Scheme

Over the years, the team’s colors have evolved alongside changes in kit designs and fashion trends, but the core elements of royal blue, white, and red have remained constant. The enduring presence of these colors serves as a testament to the club’s unwavering heritage and continuity amidst the dynamic landscape of modern football.

Misconceptions About Rangers FC Team Colors

Yellow and Blue

Contrary to popular belief, the team colors of Rangers Football Club are not yellow and blue. This misconception might stem from the fact that blue is indeed one of the team’s primary colors, but the addition of yellow is entirely inaccurate.

The true colors of Rangers FC, as any die-hard fan will tell you, are royal blue, white, and red. These colors have deep historical significance for the club and its supporters, representing tradition, pride, and resilience through the years.

Red and Black

Some may mistakenly believe that the team colors of Rangers FC include red and black. However, this is a classic case of misinformation. The misconception possibly arises from confusion with the team’s fierce rivalry with Celtic FC, whose colors happen to include a prominent shade of green.

Ironically, Rangers’ arch-rivals wear the green and white, which leads to the erroneous association of red and black with Rangers. In reality, the true colors of Rangers FC have always been the iconic royal blue, complemented by white and red, a combination that resonates deeply with the club’s heritage and traditions.

Green and White

While green and white may be emblematic of Rangers FC’s fierce rival, Celtic FC, it’s crucial to debunk the misconception that these are the team colors of Rangers. Despite the intense rivalry and the historical context, the colors green and white have never been part of Rangers’ official team colors.

The strong emotions and historical significance associated with the rivalry between Rangers and Celtic can sometimes lead to misunderstandings about each club’s respective colors. However, it’s important to remember that Rangers Football Club proudly dons royal blue, white, and red as its timeless, unmistakable colors, a symbol of its enduring legacy in the world of football.


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