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‘The Gers’ – Explaining the Rangers F.C. Nickname

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The Gers: Rangers Football Club’s Nickname

Rangers Football Club, based in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the most successful and storied clubs in the history of Scottish football. The club has a passionate and devoted fan base, and its history is filled with triumphs, challenges, and a deep-rooted rivalry with Celtic FC, known as the Old Firm derby.

One of the most iconic aspects of Rangers FC is its nickname, which holds significant cultural and historical significance within Scottish football circles. The club is often referred to as ‘The Gers,’ a term that has become deeply entrenched in the club’s identity and is embraced by its supporters.

Origins of ‘The Gers’

The nickname ‘The Gers’ is an abbreviation derived from the last syllable of the word ‘Rangers.’ It’s a colloquial and affectionate term used by fans and the broader football community to refer to the club. Over the years, the moniker has evolved into a symbol of pride and unity for Rangers supporters, becoming an integral part of the club’s heritage.

Cultural Significance

The term ‘The Gers’ is not just a nickname; it’s a reflection of the club’s deep roots in the fabric of Scottish football culture. It represents the enduring tradition and spirit that define Rangers FC and its loyal fan base. From the terraces of Ibrox Stadium to the chants that echo through the city of Glasgow, ‘The Gers’ is a powerful symbol of solidarity and belonging for supporters.

The nickname embodies the club’s resilience, history, and the unwavering support of its fans through triumphs and tribulations. It encapsulates the pride and passion that define the fervent following of Rangers FC, making it much more than just a casual moniker.


The Teddy Bears

Many people believe that ‘The Teddy Bears’ is a nickname for Rangers Football Club, mainly because of the club’s association with a bear mascot named Broxi Bear. However, the actual nickname of the club is ‘The Gers.’

The origin of the association with teddy bears comes from the fans rather than the club itself. Rangers fans adopted the bear as a symbol and started using bear-related merchandise, leading to the misconception that ‘The Teddy Bears’ is the official nickname of the club. In reality, it’s more of a fan-endorsed moniker than an official club nickname.

The Light Blues

Some people mistakenly refer to Rangers Football Club as ‘The Light Blues,’ which stems from the team’s traditional blue jerseys and the phrase ‘the Light Blues’ being commonly associated with the club’s colors. While the term ‘Light Blues’ is frequently used to describe the team’s kit, it’s not the specific nickname of the club.

The nickname ‘The Gers’ holds historical significance, tied to the club’s founding as well as its enduring legacy. It represents a cherished term used by fans and the broader football community to refer to Rangers Football Club. While ‘Light Blues’ accurately describes the team’s iconic jerseys, it does not reflect the comprehensive identity and history encapsulated by the official nickname, ‘The Gers.’

The Blues

Another misconception is that Rangers Football Club is nicknamed ‘The Blues.’ This misunderstanding likely arises from the team’s blue colors and the general association of the color blue with football clubs. However, ‘The Blues’ is more commonly associated with other football teams, both domestically and internationally, and not specifically with Rangers.

Rangers’ official nickname, ‘The Gers,’ reflects the club’s distinct identity and history, rooted in the early days of its formation. While the color blue holds significance for the team, the nickname ‘The Blues’ does not accurately capture the depth of tradition and heritage embodied by ‘The Gers.’ It’s essential to appreciate the nuanced history and symbolism behind the official moniker to fully understand the club’s legacy.


In summary, Rangers Football Club is often referred to by the nickname ‘The Gers’. This nickname reflects the team’s long-standing history and its deep roots in Scottish football culture.

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