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The History of Rangers Football Club: Founded in 1872

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The Founding of Rangers Football Club

Rangers Football Club, a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, was founded in 1872.

The club’s roots can be traced back to the formation of a football team by four young friends – brothers Moses and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell, and William McBeath. They initially played football together in the West End Park but later moved to Burnbank Park. To formalize their team, they held a meeting on the 15th of March 1872 and officially established the club, originally named Glasgow Rangers.

Early Years and Growth

In the early years, the club played friendly matches and later became one of the founding members of the Scottish Football League in 1890. The team quickly rose to prominence, earning a reputation for its passionate fan base and on-field success.

Rangers FC has an illustrious history, having won numerous league titles, domestic cups, and European trophies. The club has played a significant role in the development of Scottish football and boasts a strong rivalry with their city neighbors, Celtic FC.

Stadium and Traditions

The iconic Ibrox Stadium has been the home of Rangers FC since 1899. The stadium has witnessed countless memorable matches and has been the focal point of the club’s identity. Rangers FC has several beloved traditions, including the playing of their anthem ‘Follow Follow’ before each home game, a symbol of the enduring bond between the team and its loyal supporters.

The founding of Rangers Football Club in 1872 marked the beginning of a storied and significant chapter in the history of Scottish football, and the club has remained a source of pride for its fans across the world.

Misconceptions about the Founding Year of Rangers Football Club


Many people mistakenly believe that Rangers Football Club was founded in 1880. However, this is not accurate. The club was actually formed in 1872, making it one of the oldest football clubs in the world. The misconception likely stems from the fact that 1880 marks an important year in the club’s history, but it is not its founding year.


Another common misconception is that Rangers Football Club was established in 1892. While this year holds significance in the club’s timeline, it is not the year of its foundation. The 1892 reference is often associated with the club’s incorporation as a limited company, which was indeed a pivotal moment in its history, but does not represent its inception as a football club.


There is a prevalent misconception that Rangers Football Club was founded in 1901. However, this is not the case. The club’s actual founding year is 1872, as established by the group of founders who came together to create the football club. While 1901 holds significance for the club due to their move to Ibrox Stadium, it does not mark the establishment of the club itself.


So, there you have it! Rangers Football Club was founded in 1872, making it one of the oldest football clubs in the world.

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