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Queen’s A Kind of Magic Album: Release Year and Highlander Soundtrack

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Hey there, fellow music aficionados and trivia lovers! Welcome to our deep dive into the world of Queen, the legendary rock band that continues to capture the hearts of fans across generations. In today’s post, we’re tackling a popular question from the Queen Trivia Quiz as we explore Queen’s A Kind of Magic album.

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A Kind of Magic: Queen’s Iconic Album

The iconic album ‘A Kind of Magic’ was released by Queen in 1986. This album is particularly noteworthy because it served as the soundtrack for the action-fantasy film ‘Highlander’.

Queen’s album ‘A Kind of Magic’ was a multi-faceted masterpiece that not only showcased the band’s musical prowess but also perfectly complemented the intense and emotive scenes of the movie.

Soundtrack to ‘Highlander’ Movie

The album’s release was perfectly synchronized with the launch of the cult classic ‘Highlander’ in 1986. The collaboration between Queen and the filmmakers brought forth an exceptional fusion of music and cinema.

‘A Kind of Magic’ includes some of Queen’s most beloved tracks, such as the anthemic title track ‘A Kind of Magic’, the dramatic ‘Princes of the Universe’, and the powerful ballad ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’. These songs not only enhanced the movie’s atmosphere but also resonated deeply with fans, adding to the album’s enduring legacy.

Impact and Legacy

The album’s release in conjunction with the ‘Highlander’ movie catapulted Queen back into the musical spotlight, reintroducing the band to a new generation of fans. The fusion of music and film proved to be a winning formula that contributed to the enduring popularity of both the album and the movie. ‘A Kind of Magic’ continues to be celebrated as a quintessential Queen album and a significant piece of music history.



Contrary to popular belief, Queen’s album ‘A Kind of Magic’ was not released in 1990. This misconception may stem from the fact that Queen’s popularity endured well into the 1990s, with the release of compilations and posthumous albums after Freddie Mercury’s passing. However, ‘A Kind of Magic’ was actually released in 1986, coinciding with the movie ‘Highlander.’


While 1984 was a significant year for Queen, marked by their iconic performance at Live Aid, it is not the year of the album ‘A Kind of Magic’s’ release. Some fans may mistakenly associate this album with the mid-80s period when Queen was dominating the charts, leading to the 1984 misconception. In reality, ‘A Kind of Magic’ was unleashed upon the world in 1986, accompanying the fantasy film ‘Highlander.’


Many fans might erroneously pinpoint 1988 as the release year of ‘A Kind of Magic’ due to the enduring popularity of Queen’s music during that time. However, this album is firmly rooted in the 1986 landscape when it was introduced to the world as the soundtrack for ‘Highlander.’ The misconception of 1988 likely stems from the continued relevance of Queen’s music in the late ’80s but does not align with the actual release year of ‘A Kind of Magic.’


In conclusion, the album ‘A Kind of Magic’ by Queen was released in 1986 and served as the soundtrack for the iconic movie ‘Highlander.’ The fusion of music and film created an unforgettable experience for fans, and the album’s success added another jewel to Queen’s crown of achievements.

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