Knowledge Gamified

Masters of Trivia (slogan: Knowledge Gamified) is the brainchild of Dom Einhorn, a lifelong quiz and trivia fanatic. In his younger years, Dom was a contestant on multiple trivia and quiz shows.

In the Spring of 2005, Dom created Masters of Trivia the first iteration of Masters of Trivia before getting side tracked by other business ventures. But, in 2023, the itch came back and Dom and his team decided to reboot the project with the ambitious goal of attempting to build the largest casual trivia and quiz game in existence today.

Masters of Trivia's Mission

Our Ethos

Masters of Trivia's core mission is “to educate while entertaining.” Our slogan is “Knowledge Gamified”” and not “Gamified Knowledge” for good reason: we aim to educate and inform first and foremost. But we also know that most people need to be deeply engaged in the learning process. Hence, we added a heavy dose of entertainment and incentives to the mix. The industry term that describes this best is “gamification.”

Our Priorities

One of our core priorities, from the very start, was to build a truly global platform, one that can be accessed from any region in the world, whether from a desktop running on a gigabit fiber connection or from a low bandwidth device in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Our Big Objective

Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), a term borrowed from Peter Diamandis is to bring our games to at least 1 billion budding trivia masters over the next five years, in every language and on any topic.

Our Team

Our executive team brings over 50 years of combined experience and expertise to the online education, entertainment and content marketing table.

Dom Einhorn

Founder. A hardcore trivia fanatic for the past 30 years and digital media entrepreneur and investor.

Dom Einhorn, Founder
Lucas Caneda

Co-founder. A former pro rugby player, Lucas is in charge of operations and our LatAm focused initiatives.

Knowledge Gamifed: Lucas Caneda.
Dr. Mia Hanh Nguyen

Co-founder. Dr. Mia spearheads our global brand development, trade and sponsorship initiatives.

Teddy Stanaway

Co-founder. Former international All Black 7s player, Teddy runs our sales and business development team.

Dato Okriashvili

Co-founder. A pro rugby player as well, Dato runs our AI content and marketing initiatives


Each of our “founding fathers and mothers” hail from a different country: Vietnam, Argentina, New Zealand, Georgia and France. So we are well positioned when it comes to building a trivia platform with true international flair and appeal.