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The Builder of the Kaaba in Islamic Tradition: Abraham and Ishmael

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The Kaaba: A Sacred Structure Built by Abraham and Ishmael

The Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure located within the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is considered the most sacred site in Islam. According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba was built by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael. This act of construction by Abraham and Ishmael plays a significant role in the religious history of Islam.

Abraham and Ishmael: Prophetic Figures in Islam

Abraham, known as Ibrahim in Islam, is revered as one of the major prophets in Islam. He is considered the patriarch of monotheism and is highly regarded for his unwavering faith in one God. Ishmael, his eldest son, is also recognized as a prophet in Islamic tradition.

The story of Abraham and Ishmael’s construction of the Kaaba is deeply symbolic in Islam. It signifies their obedience to God’s command and their commitment to establishing a central place for monotheistic worship.

The Builder of the Kaaba: Acting on a Divine Command

According to Islamic belief, Allah commanded Abraham to build the Kaaba as a place of worship and unity for all believers. In response to this divine instruction, Abraham and Ishmael undertook the monumental task of constructing the sacred structure, following precise guidelines provided by Allah.

The Kaaba’s significance as the focal point of Islamic pilgrimage, known as Hajj, resonates with the story of Abraham and Ishmael’s devotion to God. Muslims from around the world gather at the Kaaba to perform rituals that commemorate the faith and dedication of these two revered prophets.

Common Misconceptions about Who Built the Kaaba

Muhammad and his followers

One common misconception is that Muhammad and his followers built the Kaaba. However, according to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba was constructed by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael, centuries before the birth of Prophet Muhammad. The Kaaba is believed to have been rebuilt several times over history, but its original construction is attributed to Abraham and Ishmael.

Adam and Eve

Another misconception is that Adam and Eve built the Kaaba. While Islamic tradition acknowledges Adam and Eve as the first humans created by God, there is no mention in the religious texts that they constructed the Kaaba. The building of the Kaaba is specifically associated with the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael in Islamic belief.

The angels

Some may mistakenly believe that the angels built the Kaaba. However, Islamic tradition does not attribute the construction of the Kaaba to the angels. Instead, the responsibility for building the Kaaba is ascribed to Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael, who is believed to have been guided by divine revelation in this sacred task.


In Islamic tradition, the sacred Kaaba was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael, marking it as one of the holiest sites in Islam.

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