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First Radio Address from the White House: Calvin Coolidge

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So, without further ado, let’s set off on a journey through time and history to unravel the mystery behind the very first U.S. president to broadcast a radio address from the iconic symbol of American governance, the White House.

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The First Presidential Radio Address

The first U.S. president to broadcast a radio address from the White House was Calvin Coolidge. This historic event took place on February 22, 1924. Radio was still a relatively new medium at the time, and Coolidge’s decision to use it to reach the American people marked a significant shift in how presidents could communicate with the nation.

Coolidge’s radio address was not only a milestone for presidential communication, but it also demonstrated his recognition of the growing importance of the medium in shaping public opinion. By embracing radio, Coolidge set a precedent for the use of emerging technologies by presidents to connect with citizens.

Coolidge’s Approach to Communication

Throughout his presidency, Coolidge recognized the power of effective communication. He was known for his concise and straightforward speaking style, which resonated with many Americans. His radio broadcasts allowed him to deliver his messages directly to the people, bypassing traditional print media and reaching a wider audience.

Coolidge’s radio addresses also allowed him to address pressing national issues and respond to public concerns in real time. This direct interaction with the American public helped to shape the perception of his presidency and solidify his legacy as a leader who understood the value of open communication.


Harry S. Truman

Many people mistakenly believe that Harry S. Truman was the first U.S. president to broadcast a radio address from the White House. This misconception likely stems from Truman’s well-known use of the medium during his presidency, including addressing the nation on significant occasions. However, the first president to utilize this form of communication was actually Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s.

Herbert Hoover

Some may falsely attribute the first White House radio address to Herbert Hoover due to the advances in radio technology that occurred during his presidency. Hoover indeed recognized the potential of radio and gave numerous addresses, but he did not inaugurate the practice. The honor of being the pioneer in this regard belongs to President Coolidge.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

While Franklin D. Roosevelt famously used the radio to deliver his ‘fireside chats’ to the American public, he was not the first to do so. Despite Roosevelt’s impactful and memorable radio addresses, the inaugural White House radio broadcast actually took place before his presidency under the administration of Calvin Coolidge.


So, there you have it! Calvin Coolidge was the first U.S. president to broadcast a radio address from the White House, marking a significant moment in communication and presidential history.

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