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Jimmy Crespo, the Aerosmith Guitarist Who Replaced Joe Perry in 1979

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Jimmy Crespo: The Replacement Guitarist Who Rocked Aerosmith

In 1979, rock legend Joe Perry left Aerosmith, leaving a massive void in the band. The question that stumps many Aerosmith fans is: Who stepped up to fill Perry’s shoes during his hiatus?

The man who took on the challenging task of replacing Joe Perry was none other than Jimmy Crespo. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Crespo had already gained recognition as a talented guitarist through his work with various bands, and his abilities made him the perfect fit for one of rock’s most iconic groups.

Crespo’s involvement with Aerosmith stretched beyond just being a temporary replacement. He co-wrote several songs on the band’s album ‘Rock in a Hard Place’, which was released during his tenure with the group. His contributions to the album helped maintain the band’s signature sound and further solidified his place in Aerosmith’s history.

A lesser-known fact about Jimmy Crespo is his eventual collaboration with a former bandmate of Aerosmith. After leaving the band, he teamed up with Rick Dufay, who had replaced Brad Whitford during the same period, to form the group Renegade. Their work together highlighted Crespo’s versatility and adaptability as a musician, showcasing a different side of his talent.

Jimmy Crespo’s time with Aerosmith was marked by his ability to seamlessly transition into the band’s fabric and make his mark through his exceptional guitar work. While his stint in the band may have been temporary, his impact is a testament to his musical prowess and the enduring legacy of Aerosmith.


Rick Dufay

Many people mistakenly believe that Rick Dufay replaced Joe Perry as Aerosmith’s guitarist in 1979. However, Dufay actually joined the band in 1981, after Perry had returned. His tenure with the band came after the temporary departure of Jimmy Crespo, the guitarist who actually replaced Perry during his absence.

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton is a founding member of Aerosmith and is well known as the band’s bassist, not guitarist. While Hamilton did provide some guitar work on a few tracks over the years, he did not take over Joe Perry’s role during his absence in 1979. It was in fact Jimmy Crespo who filled in for Perry during that period.

Brad Whitford

Brad Whitford, another original member of Aerosmith, is often wrongly thought to have replaced Joe Perry as the guitarist in 1979. But the truth is that Whitford, like Tom Hamilton, was already part of the band’s lineup and did not step into the lead guitar role during Perry’s temporary departure. It was Jimmy Crespo who took on this responsibility at that time.


In 1979, when Joe Perry temporarily left Aerosmith, Jimmy Crespo stepped up to fill his shoes as the band’s guitarist.

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